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Secret Origins


A long time ago, in the mythical land of Rochester, Michigan, a small group of people got together and collaborated on projects. This website has nothing to do with that really. However, at some point, the group started making up odd names, characters if you will, and took to drawing them. I was a member of this little gang, until they became obsessed with bowling, at which point I promptly left them. I continued making up weird characters though, and even put together a comic zine full of them. I was all set to make a second issue - an artist was going to mail me a drawing for the cover, I waited for months - then it finally arrived. By this time, though, I'd started feeling ill about the project because its roots were part of a group effort, and I was no longer with that group, so the work halted. Also, I was getting into cooler stuff, and this project was getting stale fast... Still, I'd accumulated many drawings of characters I really liked, and I hate to abandon a project. So, years later, I've decided on an outlet.

Most of the characters on this site were drawn by different artists at the Chicago Comic Convention of 1997. I'd approach an artist with a character name like "Captain Shut The Hell Up!", and they would draw whatever that inspired. The print version, Cockamamie Characters #1, was drawn by artists at the Motor City Comicon of '97; maybe someday I'll scan those and put them on this site (doubtful). The characters were accompanied with all these zany statistics, but I'm tired of that (they weren't that good anyway). If I ever go back to Michigan, I will dig out the original artwork of the scans on this site and determine who drew what and give credit where it's due. As things stand, only the signed works give any clue as to who. I don't plan on doing any new Cockamamie Characters stuff; if anyone wants to lift the idea, be my guest (this is all way too much like Garbage Pail Kids and old Dick Tracy characters anyway ["Dick" Tracy, "Cock"amamie Characters... coincedence?]).

To those people (3 or 4) who sent me money for Cockamamie Characters, but never received a copy, (because I wanted to send them issue #2, which was never completed) I apologize sincerely. I'll have you know your money is STILL in the envelope, I thought it criminal to spend it. Finally, I'd like to thank all the artists, both from the conventions and those who mailed me drawings inspired by the list in issue #1.

I place the character names on this site into the public domain, the artists retain the copyright on their drawings.

Take care and well wishes!

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